Tai Chi and You


Swami Deva Sarathi - also known as James Richardson
24 July 1947 - 11 December 2021

Our lovely teacher, James, was spirited away from us in December. He stoically fought his illness for over a year but his body finally succumbed and he has flown.

James’ parting advice to his students was to try to practice at home whenever the spirit moves you. You can use James’ Short Form video below to help you learn and reinforce the form. There are also several other energising, healthful and enjoyable sets of exercises to use which are here on the enfieldtaichi website in the Video Links section. This website will remain for a short while but I will have to take it down when the domain expires.

Best wishes to all my fellow students at Enfield Tai Chi. Maggie.

James also recommended his friend Michael Richards who runs both physical and online classes at www.hertstaichi.com which include the traditional foundation form, golden flower form, chi kung, shibashi and shaking and breathing.

“Even though we only met once a week, James provided an oasis of peace and calm at a time in my life when I needed just that. His wisdom, courage and approach to life kept me going through the week until the next meeting.” – Chris

“James was for me a source of inspiration – calm, solid, kind, funny, gentle & with a sharp wit.” – Nicola

For people who fall in love with Tai Chi, it can provide a lifetime of interesting experiences, friendships, healing exercises, energy creating exercises, playful discoveries and games using your own body and also practising with a partner.

You don’t have to do Tai Chi for a long time to enjoy the benefits of this relaxing, energising and meditative exercise. Just a one hour session will give you an experience of the effects of Tai Chi. The feeling is like waking up from a great night’s sleep or from a warm shower or hot bath – deeply relaxed and feeling at home and alive in your own body.

– James