Testimonials from some of our class members

Richard :

I have had a curiosity about Tai Chi since the days of my youth when actively participating in various oriental martial arts. However, advancing years and a relatively sedentary lifestyle caused through illness and injury have resulted in stiff joints and muscles, particularly in the upper back. However since joining the class I have found a noticeable improvement in flexibility and general mobility.

The class, which combines learning the Tai Chi ‘Form’ of movement and Qigong exercises, which are all gentle and forgiving, is perfect for me due to the fact that I can no longer engage in conventional dynamic movement or high-impact exercise. The ‘Form’ requires concentration as well as physical effort and, consequently, it can help relax you by taking your mind off of your daily pressures for an hour.

Tai Chi has an esoteric element to it which can be off-putting to some. However, there is no pressure to engage in the meditation side of Tai Chi and it can be used purely as a gentle form of exercise by people across a wide range of age and physical ability.

Joined January 2016

Alex :

I am currently doing my Duke of Edinburgh gold award which requires me to participate in regular exercise. I decided I wanted to try something other than conventional sports and thought that I would give Tai Chi a try. Since joining the class I have found that it is a great physical exercise and an excellent way to relax.

Joined January 2016

Maggie :

Since joining James’ Tuesday class in Enfield in March 2016, I have already found that my breathing, balance and energy levels have significantly increased in spite of my weak (emphysema) lungs and heart. The energy that James generates and shares in the class, along with the chi kung exercises and the form we do, all contribute to me leaving every class feeling refreshed and re-energised. I’ve also started going to his Friday class in Edmonton; twice a week is perfect for me.

Joined March 2016

Tony :

I’ve been working on Tai Chi in various forms for 12 years and found it’s a wonderful form of exercise. With its slow controlled movements, breathing, balance and meditative aspects, it provides an all round form of body strenghthening and conditioning.

James has taught me a great deal and I am sure I have much to learn.

Joined 2010

Paul :

For me Tai Chi is the best meditation/medication. It stills the body and the mind.

Joined 2006

Zaher :

Combining gentle joint and stretching exercises with practice of Tai Chi Form leaves you calm and energised at the end of the session. I would recommend this to anyone who is not looking for gym-style iron pumping workouts.

Joined 2006

Pam & Tony :

Tony and I visited several areas in China during 2004 and were so impressed with the calmness of the early morning Tai Chi sessions that when we had the opportunity to join one at our hotel, we did. This was most enjoyable and we decided to join a class when we returned to the UK.

We found a class at the Enfield County School and began classes in 2005 and have been attending James’ classes ever since, following him to other venues and even had ad hoc classes in Enfield Town Park when weather permitted in the summer.

We have both thoroughly enjoyed the classes over the years and have found them most beneficial, both mentally and physically. We also feel that, with the illnesses and operations we have had during recent years, the meditation we do in class comes in extremely useful to deal with life. The forms we learn also help us mentally to try to remember them. The exercises we do help us to keep fit as we get older and are not too stressful on our bodies. We both really enjoy the social side too.

Joined 2005