The Ten Essences

  1. Raising your head to lift the spirit.
  2. Bearing in mind yin and yang, the lifting of the head needs to be counter balanced with the feeling of sinking the shoulders and lowering the elbows.
  3. Loosening the chest and rounding the back.
  4. Loosening the muscles to allow the turning of the waist.
  5. Understanding weight changes in the legs with the turning of the waist.
  6. Connecting the movements of upper and lower into one larger energy.
  7. As the upper and lower energies are combined, it must be delivered continuously. This feeling of flowing energy moving smoothly , without interruption in motion, is called continuity.
  8. The intent and body have to be unified as one.
  9. Loose or soft muscles are more powerful than tightened muscles. When practising Tai Chi we must use the mind, not physical force.
  10. When standing still you feel the inner body extending and expanding, creating energy. You are seeking motion in stillness.